Corporate Governance

The Water Utilities Corporation subscribes to and is committed to the accepted practices of good governance and international best practice.  As an establishment created by statute, the Corporation is compelled to ensure that its processes and practices comply with the requirements of the Water Utilities Corporation Act (Cap 74:02) of the Laws of Botswana and its amendments and directives.

Ownership of the Corporation

The Corporation is a parastatal body wholly owned by the Botswana Government. The Water Utilities Corporation Act defines the raison d’etre for the Corporation as well as the limits within which it can operate, including the roles for the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services and Water Resources, the Board, and the Executive Management.

The Board

The Board of the Corporation is appointed by the Minister of Land Management Water and Sanitation Services. In appointing the Board members, the Minister takes into consideration their experience and ability to make meaningful contributions to the business of the Corporation. The composition of the Board at any one time does not exceed nine members, including the Chairman.

The present Board comprises a fair balance of skills, knowledge and experience to meet this objective.

The role of the WUC Board is to determine corporate policy and provide strategic direction. In carrying out this mandate, it is expected to bring to bear the highest standards of ethical conduct and good governance, in line with both statutes and generally accepted practice.