The water crisis Dam in the Greater Gaborone area has been ongoing for a while now. What exactly is the cause of this?

The drying up of the Gaborone Dam and Bokaa Dam as well as the reduction in the amount of water Botswana gets from South Africa’s Molatedi Dam.

There have been reports of leaking pipes that worsen the situation. Is this true? How is WUC addressing this?

Pipes burst due to various reasons; operational failure, aged pipes, third party damage or vandalism.

Burst pipes do lose some water. However, once these bursts are identified and the necessary resources are available, Water Utilities Corporation tries to repair them in the shortest possible time.

The water rationing is greatly affecting homesteads and businesses alike. What message do you have for customers with regards alternative sources of water?

Water Utilities Corporation sells raw water from its Broadhurst and Bokaa boreholes for non-potable use. The water retails at P4.50 per 1000litres for borehole water and P2.50 per 1000litres for gray water (recycled water from Wastewater Treatment Plant).

In the event someone notices a leaking pipe, where can it be reported?

Toll free number 0800 555 555 or 3992500

Dial *186#


WUC App (Google Play)

Email: customers@wuc.bw

Are you always aware of areas that do not have water at any given time? If not, where can people report if their areas have been rationed, especially if it's prolonged?

The Water Utilities Corporation is not always aware of areas without water, as some supply interruptions are unplanned. Enquiries and supply interruptions should be directed to Contact Center on Toll free number 0800 555 555 or 3992500, or email customers@wuc.bw

Please explain the difference between planned and unplanned water supply interruptions

Planned water cuts are when Water Utilities Corporation decides to cut water for reasons such as maintenance of infrastructure or water rationing.

Unplanned water interruptions are interruptions that happen either due to a burst pipe, lack of water, power cuts and others.

Is there a relationship between water cuts and power outages? If any, how does WUC and BPC work together to address this?

Yes, Water Utilities Corporation uses power to pump, treat and distribute water. For planned interruptions BPC notifies WUC in advance

Where can customers go for regular updates on the water situation?

The Water Utilities Corporation Social Media pages, Water Utilities Corporation website www.wuc.bw and the Contact Center 0800 555 555