Advice before Constructing/Developing

Before you Dig Enquiries

The developer is required to undertake a service inquiry with the operations team, who will then guide on approximate positions of water lines through drawings or physical identification on site. However, in view that these are underground services, it is necessary for the developer to manually make trial pits to ascertain the exact position of the water pipeline.

Building over or next to our Infrastructure

The development standards outlines the required servitude for water lines and developers need not encroach on the given servitude. Developers need to be aware of that water lines are pressurized mains and subsequently effects during failure may negatively affect  any properties or cause injury hence need to observe the reserved servitude.

Pre Development Enquiry

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC)’s mandate ends one meter (1m) within the boundary of the plot. That is all water supply infrastructure within mandated area of supply, up to and including the water meter, or boundary of the individual consumer is vested in and maintained by the Corporation.

In the event of damage even after inquiry, the developer remains accountable for subsequent repair materials through an existing standard cost as provided by the Corporation. It is important to note that in some instances of damage the developer is required to pay for estimated water loss.

Private Plot Development

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) will consider the individual metering within WUC plot developments up to the consumer water meter under the following conditions;

  • Reticulation to WUC design standards (Design submission is made to WUC for approval)
  • 24hours access to operational personnel is required
  • The reticulation is situated within the road reserves of the mandated road
  • Individual metering and billing is possible

In all other cases WUC responsibility ceases at the water meter installed within 1m inside the plot boundary.

Customers are advised to consult with Waterworks Engineers in their areas or the Corporation’s Contact Centre at 0800 555 555 or email: