Wastewater Servcies

Malntenance of sewer manholes and pipelines

The Corporation is responsible fur the operation and maintenance of the sewerage infrastructure in serviced areas. This includes unblocking manholes as well
as repairing damaged infrastructure.

Connecting customers to main sewer

The Corporation carry inspections for customers residing in fully serviced areas prior to connection to the main sewerage line. Below are
steps to follow to be connected to the main sewer

  • Customer applies at any WUC office - preferably Front Office/Revenue Office
  • Completed application submitted at WUC wastewater offices or any Front Office
  • WUC Wastewater Section carry inspection to identify connection point. For connection points which are within 30m radius, approval will be given right away. Those connection points more than 30m, customers have to provide technical drawing of the route to the connection point, the pipeline data and the connection details, and also approval for
    land use (way leave). For this submission, approval has to be undertaken first before payment is effected.
  • After approval, customer will be sent to front office/Revenue Office for payment.
  • The customer takes all responsibility for construction and connection costs
  • WUC carries final inspection during and after completion as scheduled.