Press Release




Botswana is a semi-arid country, characterized by hot temperatures, low annual rainfalls, thereby resulting in the country depending more on underground water sources than surface water sources. In Botswana currently, water demand exceeds supply, resulting in an overall deficit of 18% countrywide, with varying deficit in different areas of Botswana. An example being Gaborone and surroundings currently recording a thirty percent (30%) deficit.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a key service provider in the fight against the pandemic and safeguarding the nation, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has stepped up production, purification and distribution of water. Furthermore, to augment the supply, WUC increased its resources (bowsers and tanks), with the help of its strategic partners to improve access to water nationwide.

Currently all dams are collectively at sixty eight percent (68%) capacity on average and expected to last at most twenty (20) months hence an appeal to save water to sustain the nation in the remaining water months.  This information, available on WUC website ( and social media pages, is expected to encourage safe water use habits while keeping the necessary hygiene standards to fight COVID-19.

The Corporation further informs the public that Botswana is currently on Level 2 Water Restrictions and maintains this state to ensure water security for the nation. Level 2 restrictions prohibit the following:

  • Watering of all gardens, parks and sports fields using potable water.
  • Washing of vehicles with potable water using hosepipes.
  • Automatic urinals.
  • The filling of all swimming pools with potable water.
  • The spraying or washing of pavements, sidewalks and streets with potable water.
  • Use of potable water for construction purposes, except with the express written permission of the Corporation in cases where non-potable water has been proven to be detrimental to the quality of work.
  • Unattended defective plumbing and pipe fittings which result in water wastage.

The Corporation advises the public against noncompliance with the water restrictions and to pray for rains. For further information Contact the Contact Centre on toll free 0800 555 555.