Press Release




Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) would like to strongly advise the public against vandalism of water infrastructure. This comes at the wake of multiple incidents of infrastructural damage in the last two weeks. Following investigations, the Corporation noticed that water infrastructure is vandalized for the purpose of livestock watering and stealing of Corporation assets.

Many areas have so far recorded incidents of infrastructure vandalism across the country with majority of them in Ngami, Boteti, Kgalagadi and along the North South Carrier (NSC) pipeline. Some of the infrastructure that has been vandalized include pipelines, water pumps, tanks, valves and wastewater manholes.  The public is informed that any form of vandalism has direct impact on water supply and leaves some communities without water until repairs and restorations are complete, an exercise that is not only costly to WUC, but also compromises service delivery efforts. The Corporation condemns acts of vandalism especially now, during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic whose management lies on consistent and reliable supply of clean water.

The public is requested to report anyone suspected of tempering with water infrastructure to the nearest Police Station.

For further information, send an email to or call our contact centre on  toll free 0800 555 555.