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Water Saving Tips

Water is the single most important element for our life on earth, and one that we sometimes take for granted. We need to learn how to use it wisely in order to save this precious resource. There are a lot of simple steps we can take around the home and garden to use water wisely. Here are some:


In the kitchen

  • When washing dishes, don't keep the tap running, fill a sink or bowl with water.
  • Collect the water you use for rinsing vegetables and re-use it on potted plants.
  • Don't use running water to thaw food.
  • Soak your pots and pans instead of letting the water run while you scrape them clean.
  • Don't fill your kettle to the brim when boiling water for one or two cups. Only fill the kettle as necessary, and you will save water and electricity.


In the bathroom and toilet

  • When bathing, brushing your teeth, or shaving, never let the tap run continuously. Fill a glass with water for mouth rinsing. Rinse your razor by filling the bottom of the sink with a few centimetres of water.
  • Time your shower under 5 minutes. If you prefer baths, fill the tub only one quarter full.
  • Use a water saving device in your toilet. A brick or plastic bottle filled with water and placed in your cistern will reduce the amount of water in each flush.
  • A whistling toilet wastes a great deal of water, make sure that all leaks are repaired immediately.
  • Save a flush. Every day save about one third of all household water by flushing only when necessary.
  • Fit new washers to dripping taps. Did you know that a dripping tap wastes a litre of water an hour?


In the garden

  • Either water early in the morning or after sunset to avoid evaporation.
  • Water your lawn in several short sessions rather than one long one.
  • Use a watering can or bucket rather than a hose-pipe for small areas that need water.
  • Plant indigenous and drought tolerant plants.
  • Remember that more plants die from over watering than under-watering. Be sure to water plants only when necessary.