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Water Quality

Water Quality

The Corporation is committed to effective management of its drinking water supplies to provide a safe, high quality product that consistently meets the Botswana Standard for Drinking Water Quality Specification (BOS 32:2000) and World Health Organisation Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

A wide variety of parameters are tested in the WUC state of the art laboratory at Mmamashia. Water samples are also sent to other strategic laboratory alliances in the region for further testing. The quality of water is tested at various points in the distribution network, including the consumer's tap in order to maintain the set quality standards and safeguard the consumer's health.


Water Quality Standards

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Laboratory Test Services Offered

The Corporation's laboratory also provides analysis of water samples for organizations and individuals at nominal charges:

  • Chemical analysis of water samples delivered to the laboratory is done in five (5) days
  • Microbiological analysis is done in 24 hours
  • The listed prices are for individual test parameters for samples delivered to WUC. A sampling service carries a different charge.
  • A minimum charge of P20.00 applies to each set of samples submitted
  • Highly concentrated saline samples will be charged an additional 10% of the total price
  • Prices exclude VAT
  • A Certificate of Analysis will only be issued upon receipt of payment
  • Sample bottles can be supplied free of charge by prior arrangement
  • Tests may be done on samples collected in recommended bottles


Breakdown of Water Sample Analysis Charges


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