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Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards

Efficient delivery of service to the customer is one of the strategic focal areas for the Corporation. The aim is to achieve 24 hour service delivery and minimum interruptions to the flow of water. This goal was achieved in all the areas of supply.
Customer service is an area of high strategic priority as the Corporation is cognisant of the importance of the customer in the service delivery process and indeed to its business overall. The Corporation is therefore committed to effective communication with the customers and sensitising them on key issues in the management of this relationship.
The nature of the product that the Corporation deals with renders the relationship with the customer very sensitive. To that end, the Corporation strives at all times to involve the customer, even at those times when his water supply has to be disconnected for nonpayment.

Customers have been very co-operative in the settlement of their dues, to the extent that less than 10% of them are disconnected per quarter.

WUC Customer Service Standards