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Contact Center

What is the Contact Centre?

The Contact Centre is a one stop service centre which has telephone lines, a fax line, and capacity to receive short service message. The Centre is manned by Agents who are knowledgeable on all operations across the Corporation.

How the Contact Centre Operates

The Centre provides a link between WUC and its clients. It is a one stop shop for anyone calling WUC seeking help on any of our operations. Clients call our toll free number 0800 555 555, or landline 3992500 or SMS line 16229. If the Contact Centre Agent does not have enough information to respond effectively to the inquiry, the Agent will call the concerned department/section for help.


WUC Contact Centre Access Tips


What is your role as a WUC employee to the effectiveness of the Contact Centre?

As a WUC employee, you also have a role to inform clients about the newly established Contact Centre. You have a responsibility to provide Contact Centre Agents with information or any other help they may need in the shortest possible time. Remember, the efficiency of the Contact Centre depends on you.

Hours of Operation

The Contact Centre is open between 7:30 and 23:30 hrs daily and serves all WUC Clients, nationally.