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water distribution

Water Distribution

To transfer and distribute water services to the Corporation clients. The actions involved include:

  • Ensuring that water reach the clients in good quality standard.
  • The section looks after the water transfer and distribution pipes and other facilities.
  • Maintenance of the transfer and distribution pipes and other facilities to ensure continuity of the product to the clients according to the Corporation performance standards.
  • Assessing applications and determining the availability of water services to new customers.
  • Monitoring distribution systems and ensuring that the systems requirement (standard water pressures, water flow rates) are continuously met.
  • Monitoring and reducing system losses.

The section is divided into four working units.

  • Network
  • Trunk mains
  • New installations
  • Leakage Control



  • Network is responsible for pipes of varying in sizes from 15mm to 1200mm diameters all the cities, towns and villages in the country. It is accountable to more than 330 000 consumers.
  • The unit does minor main extensions to cater for one customer with more than 5 and less than twenty units for supply. This is where new installations are physically carried out. Maintenance of the system is carried out at this unit. The units’ responsibility stops with the final installation of a customer meter from where the customer section takes over.

Trunk Mains

  • Trunk mains are for bulk water transfer to areas of supply. The unit systems comprise the largest pipes in the section. This conveys pipes transport water directly to the network systems and to individual large-scale water users. Maintenance of the system is separate from the one carried out by the network but of similar tasks.


New Installation

  • New installation unit is more on the assessment for and provision of new installations.


Leakage Control

  • Leakage control is involved with constant monitoring of the whole distribution section systems for water losses.