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Water Restrictions - Public Announcement



With effect from the 1st of November 2012 the water restrictions below will apply countrywide. The Corporation appeals to all water users to adhere to the restrictions so as to save the little water that is left in our dams and boreholes.



-       Watering of all gardens and parks and sports fields using potable water is prohibited.


-       Use of potable water for construction purposes is prohibited, except with the express written permission of the Corporation in cases where non-potable water has been proven to be detrimental to the quality of work.


-       Washing of vehicles with potable water using hose-pipes is prohibited.


-       Automatic urinals are prohibited and should all be terminated or retro-fitted within 2 months of the effective date of these restrictions


-       The filling of all swimming pools with potable water is prohibited


-       The spraying or washing of pavements, side-walks and streets with potable water is prohibited.


-       All defective plumbing and pipe fittings which result in water wastage must be repaired within 24 hours of notice.




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